A Welcome from Lakewood Country Club

Recruiting Update
WGA Youth Caddie Training and Onboarding Curriculum

We would like to personally thank you for making a decision that could forever affect the rest of your life.  By applying for a caddie position at Lakewood Country Club you have started down a path that will instill commitment, pride and enthusiasm in all aspects of your life as well as introduce you to the game of a lifetime.
Lakewood Country Club has a rich tradition in which men, women, boys, and girls of all ages enjoy the game of golf.  Hopefully, you will be one of the successful applicants to enjoy the enrichment of being a caddie at Lakewood Country Club.  Upon selection, the speed with which you rise within the program depends on you alone.  Your goal should be to be the best caddie at Lakewood Country Club.
We would like you to look at a caddie position not just as a job, but rather an opportunity. Through hard work and dedication you could receive a full educational scholarship, job opportunities within the structure of Lakewood Country Club, and work with many of the leaders of the surrounding communities.
The game of golf is based on courtesy, consideration, honesty, and pure sportsmanship. While you are a caddie you will have the opportunity to become a student of the game, understanding all of its’ rules and regulations, and realize the enjoyment the game has provided people for centuries.
Lakewood Country Club is dedicated to providing the premier caddie program in the Denver area. In order to achieve that goal we must have the most committed and dedicated caddies. We urge you to ask questions of the staff during the training programs and wish you the best of luck in all of your endeavors.

Ben Honaman, Director of Golf